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Meet the Campbells – Our Directors

Jeremy & Danielle were married in 2009, and knew that God had adoption and missions in the future of their family. Sada, their biological daughter, was born in 2011, they finalized the adoption with Bernisha in 2014, finalized the adoption with Malachi & Mercy in 2015, and had baby Jasper in 2016. The Campbells have worked at Awinjo House since June 2016… [Read Their Full Story]

Awinjo’s Transition to the Future

For the last 10 years, Awinjo House has functioned as a long-term, residential care home for orphans and vulnerable children. What that means is that all of the children who came here, arrived with the expectation of living at Awinjo until they turned 18 or graduated from high school. The children here and their families back in the village mostly viewed Awinjo as… [Read About The Future]

Read the Story of Awinjo House

Awinjo House was started in 2007, after Papa Ken met a 16-year old girl named Awinjo who was dying with HIV. He brought Awinjo and her mother into one of the home’s that he had built, and loved on them until Awinjo died. It was during that time that the Lord made it clear that the reason Papa Ken had moved to Uganda was to care for orphaned and vulnerable children… [Read the Full Story]

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