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Four Primary Values:


After retiring from a career as a structural engineer in Connecticut, Ken moved to Uganda in 2007 - at the age of 68 - and founded the Awinjo House children's home in Uganda. Now, after almost 10 years of overseas orphan ministry, the Lord has connected Papa Ken to the Campbell family to pass on the leadership of Awinjo House and to carry the ministry into the future.

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We desire that each child would experience the love of a mother and a father. This means everything from sharing meals, receiving discipline, seeing healthy relationships modeled for them, and the type of unconditional acceptance that a family can provide.



While every child is not a “total orphan,” there isn't a child that doesn't have significant emotional wounds. Our deepest desire is that every child at Awinjo House will experience the healing and restoring love that only Jesus can provide.


Education is more than simply reading, writing, and arithmetic. Other important investments that education creates are creativity, work ethic, critical thinking skills, and helps establish a sense of identity and belonging to the culture.


Whether God is calling a child to be a doctor, lawyer, seamstress, carpenter, pastor, missionary, etc., we want to help them get the schooling or training necessary for them to succeed in their life after Awinjo House. 

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Our Junior Partnership Program facilitates a simple way for children around the world to get informed, stay current, and make a real impact in the lives of the orphans at Awinjo House. With just a simple monthly donation, the Junior Program is designed for children ages 5-18 to become friends with children in Uganda who have very different life experiences. The children can learn about life and culture from different tribes in Uganda, and can correspond by letters, emails, and an occasional video chat.

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Awinjo House is Located
in Tororo, Uganda

Awinjo House is a faith-based children's home in Tororo, Uganda, that serves orphaned and vulnerable children from all over East Africa. We strive to create an environment where each child is loved, cared for, and prepared for their future after they graduate from Awinjo House.

Founded in 2006, Awinjo House has served dozens of children by providing them with food, clothing, housing, school fees, medical costs, and everything necessary to feel loved and cared for in a family environment.

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Meet the Campbells



After joining the Partnership Program, you can stay connected with the children at Awinjo House with monthly emails, pictures, written letters, and videos from our staff & children! 



Because our Directors, volunteers, interns, and foreign missionaries have a separate source of income, 100% of your donations go directly to the children and the 4 Core Values of our Orphan Care philosophy.


Our team of financial partners is open to those who are committed to seeing orphans receive the love and care that every child deserves, and Awinjo House could not exist without our team of financial partners.

Uganda's recent history has been marked by civil war, HIV/Aids, poverty, brutal dictators, and a lack of access to simple medicine for malaria. Because of this reality, a  recent study found that 50% of Uganda's population is under 15 years old. And with over  2,700,000 orphans in Uganda alone, the need for healthy orphan care homes cannot be stressed enough.

Awinjo House is committed to seeing orphans saved from the street, loved in a family environment, healed of emotional and physical wounds, and prepared to live happy and productive lives in their local communities.

So join our orphan partnership program today and help us provide each child at Awinjo House with a loving family environment, careful emotional restoration, high-quality education, and useful preparation for a productive future after they graduate!



I WANT TO PARTNER FOR $36/mo! Join the Partnership Program Now!


We provide for a child's greatest need: a loving home. So instead of providing support for just one individual child, our partners are given the opportunity to impact and connect with each child at Awinjo House through monthly updates, letters, and video chats.

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We provide for a child's greatest need: a loving home. So instead of providing support for only one individual child, our partners are given the opportunity to impact and connect with each child at Awinjo House through monthly updates, letters, and video chats.


After joining the Partnership Program, you can stay connected with the children at Awinjo House with monthly emails, pictures, written letters, and videos from our staff & children!

While it costs $144 per month to fully provide for each child, we’ve broken that amount down to $36 levels so that families & individuals can partner with Awinjo House in a way that is more affordable. And 100% of the money is used to provide each child with:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • School Fees
  • Medical Expenses
  • Ugandan Mamas & Papas
  • Everything Needed to Feel Loved & Cared For

- FAQs For The Partnership Program -

Can I sponsor an individual child?
No. The Partnership Program is designed for each Partner to connect with, pray for, interact with, and invest in our entire community of children instead of only one child. We have chosen this type of program for 2 primary reasons:

 1) To Avoid Favoritism. When so many children are living in an orphanage together, it creates division, disunity, and an attitude of favoritism between the children who have sponsors and those who don't. We are careful to only provide something for the children when the entire community can receive it.
 2) Integrity in Fundraising. Most organizations that promote individual child sponsorships don't work with orphanages, but rather individual families. So those organizations can be confident that a specific donation is given to a specific family or child. But when Awinjo purchases fish for supper or pays a Mama's salary, there is no way for us to ensure that a specific portion of each donation goes to a specific Mama or a specific fish for a specific child in the orphanage. So to communicate and operate with the highest level integrity, we have chosen to use an Orphanage Partnership model instead of individual sponsorships.

How much of the Partnership money actually goes to the children?
100% of the money that you give will go directly to providing for the children. Because our directors, volunteers, interns, and foreign missionaries all have separate sources of income, we do not use any of the Partnership money for those things. Instead, 100% of the money is used to provide the children with food, clothing, school fees, medical expenses, Ugandan mamas and papas, our Ugandan staff, and everything else necessary to provide each child a loving family environment.

Will I get regular updates about the children and how they are doing?
Yes. All of our Partners will receive regular updates on individual children at Awinjo House. This may include email updates, personal letters, video updates, and some planned video chats.

Is my monthly Partnership tax-deductible?
Yes. Awinjo House is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization and can receive tax-deductible donations. We will send out giving statements to each of our Partners to be used when filing taxes.

How did you choose those amounts for the Partnership Program?
It costs $144 per month to provide for each child at Awinjo House. So we simply divided that amount into $36 levels so that Partnership would be more affordable for families and individuals.

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