Since 2007, Awinjo House has existed in Tororo, Uganda to serve orphaned and vulnerable children and families. Since that time, hundreds of children have been helped and shown the love of God.

In 2018, the Ugandan government chose to close children’s homes across the country and focus the responsibility of providing for these children onto the extended families and wider village communities.

Since that time, Awinjo has worked to resettle each of the children in our care with their family back in the village by building houses, starting small businesses for caregivers, and providing school fees until the families are stable enough to handle the burden themselves. The children who did not have family in the village to provide for them were placed into good foster homes in the Tororo-area and are thriving in their new environments.

In 2022, the work will finally be complete and Awinjo House will no longer be needed to actively work in Tororo. We praise the Lord for the great things that He has done since 2007, and continue to pray for protection and provision for all of the children and their family’s that have been touched by Awinjo House.

– Jeremy Campbell, Director