August Update Letter | From the Campbells

We officially arrived to our new home in Tororo on June 27th! It was such a relief to finally make it to Awinjo House after 20 hours of flying, 6 hours of driving, sleeping in 2 guests houses, and 3 total days of travel. Traveling with 5 children was just as difficult as you would imagine it to be. Our mothers and our good friend Amanda all traveled with us and helped us get settled in, and they were the real MVPs of the entire trip. We cannot thank them enough for their tireless service and endless cleaning!

We intentionally chose to take the first 4 weeks of our time in Tororo to focus on family life and make sure everyone was adjusting well to our new life. Establishing a routine, figuring out homeschool, and learning where (and how) to buy things in Uganda were all on the agenda for those 4 weeks. But while we did a little bit of each of those, we spent most of our time caring for our sick kiddos. The change in environment hit all of the kids hard and it looked a lot like vomiting, diarrhea, fevers, bad attitudes, and “yuck medicine.” And just last week Malachi was diagnosed with malaria, and Mercy had a mystery illness that caused her to spike a fever of 105° a few times. So we aren’t totally out of the woods yet, and ask that you continue to PRAY for us to stay healthy in our new home.

As soon as our 4-week hibernation was over, Jeremy stepped into a direct leadership position and has been overseeing all personnel (mamas, papas, children, disciplinary issues, etc.) and Danielle has started to take driveragent torrents over the financial administration of the ministry. There are many pieces to the financial puzzle, so Danielle will take it in steps as she has started homeschooling Sada & Bernie. So…please PRAY for us all as we attempt to figure out homeschooling – so far it has been a roller-coaster 🙂

Since we’ve started working at Awinjo House, we’ve encountered several discouraging times. But there have also been many encouraging things that have happened here already – the staff has committed to 2 weekly prayer meetings at the House of Prayer, Papa Ken has said that since we’ve been here he’s sleeping better than he has in 10 years, and our kids are becoming great friends with the children living at Awinjo House (as you can see by the ‘silly face’ picture). Please PRAY that God will continue to strengthen our hearts and expand our influence with the 8 Ugandan staff and 44 children.


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  • Meet Obbo Hannington

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