Meet Barbara Natukunda

Age: 6
Birthday: 2010
Grade: Primary, Level 1

Barbara and her brother Denis were brought to us by the government on September 10, 2015. Their father and mother both had AIDS, and the father died a while back. The mother died and was buried the day before the children came here, and they were obviously very sad upon their arrival. However, since they have been at Awinjo House, they have both received much emotional healing and have made close friends with the other children.

Despite all that she has already been through in life, Barbara is sweet, outgoing, and very intelligent. And even though she knew very little English when she arrived, she has learned quickly and does extremely well in school.


You Can Sponsor Barbara for Just $36/month

If you would like to sponsor Barbara for just $36/mo, please click the Sponsor button below to access Barbara’s personal giving page. And 100% of the money that you give will be used to provide Barbara with:


Thank You for Your Support!

Thank you for your interest in Barbara and all of the children at Awinjo House. Without your encouragement, prayers, and avast secureline vpn activation code 2019 financial support, this Tmpgenc Authoring Works 5 Crack Rar ministry could not exist to raise orphaned and vulnerable children to love and serve Jesus in Uganda. cinema 4d gigapurbalingga


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