Meet Agnes Narot

Age: 11
Birthday: August 2005
Grade: Primary, Level 3

Agnes came to Awinjo House on June 14, 2014. Agnes’s father was killed, and her mother remarried and has two children by the second husband. Neither Agnes’ mother nor step father work, and the conditions in their home are volatile. Agnes had some struggles when she came to Awinjo, but there has been improvement since download toon boom harmony 12 full crack she has been here. While we still have some discipline problems with her occassionally, the Lord is working in Agnes’ heart and healing her emotional wounds.

Since she first came to Awinjo House, Agnes has been a leader among the other children. She has a very lovable personality, she is always smiling, and she loves to be the center of attention. She is learning to use her influence with the other children to lead them in obedience and to follow God’s plan for their lives. We believe that God has a great plan for Agnes and will use her mightily one day to minister to the tribe that she is from.

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You Can Sponsor Agnes for Just $36/month

If you would like to sponsor Agnes for just $36/mo, please click the Sponsor button below to access Agnes’ personal giving page. And 100% of the money that you give will be used to provide Agnes with:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • School Fees
  • School Uniform, Books, Supplies
  • Medical Care
  • Dental Expenses
  • Mama & Papa (Ugandan Staff)


Thank You for Your Support!

Thank you for your interest in Agnes and all of the children at Awinjo House. Without your encouragement, prayers, and financial support, this ministry could not exist to raise orphaned and vulnerable children to love and serve Jesus in Uganda.

Please take some time to Meet All Of The Children at Awinjo House!

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